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Founded in 1992, we are a company with 100% national capital and we operate in the sector of instruments for analysis in water and industrial effluents. We started the work betting on the future “Environment Integrated to Man” and believing in the commitment of Sustainable Development, where the needs of the current generations must be met, without compromising the right of future generations to meet their own needs.

The phrase “PoliControl whenever environmental monitoring is necessary” summarizes the activity in the environment, basic sanitation and industrial processes segment. For more than 20 years, we have been developing innovative solutions and technologies in products for analysis and testing of the most varied parameters, always in compliance with the relevant legislation.

Always looking for the adequacy of technical and design characteristics, we develop and manufacture functional, precise, wear-resistant equipment with easy maintenance. In addition to our line, we represent, exclusively in Brazil, the companies HF Scientific, Lamotte and True Scientific.

Through an environmental education program with our employees, aimed at selective collection and reduction of consumption of electricity, water, printing paper and other inputs, we have developed a new awareness that proposes new relationship models and a new way of facing the role of man in the world.



Certificação ISO 9001:2015